Message to Former Students

Hello all - I have moved my courses to the CANVAS system,
but in case you still visit this site for access to notes and materials,
I've left them all up for the time being (mostly on the ASSIGNMENTS page).
If you visit, please drop me a line and let me know how things are going!


Assignment lists are posted here.

Course Information

Class Syllabus and Computer Lab Schedule

Software and Links

FREE - Wolfram Alpha
FREE - SageCloud
FREE - Maxima (CAS - Computer Algebra System)
FREE - Online Octave (MATLAB-like Clone)
FREE - Desmos
FREE - Geogebra (Check out the "slopefield" and "solveODE" commands!)

iPad APP - "SLOPES" iOS app (great FREE tool!)

$$$$ - Mathematica
$$$$ - Maple
$$$$ - MATLAB (you are NOT required to purchase this)

Test Schedule (TENTATIVE!)

  • Exam 1 - week of Feb. 19; Covers Intro packet and CH 1 and 2.
  • Exam 2 - week of Mar. 5; Covers CH 3 through sec. 4.2.
  • Exam 3 - week of Mar. 26; Covers the rest of CH 4 and Linear Transformations
  • Exam 4 - week of Apr. 23; Covers LU-factorization through Fourier Approximations
  • Exam 5 - week of May 14; Covers CH 5
  • Exam 6 - week of May 29; Covers CH 6, 7, Planar systems, and Laplace Transforms

Very helpful notes on differential equations and Linear Algebra

Jiří Lebl's "Notes on Diffy Qs"
Paul's Online Notes (DiffEQ)
patrickJMT tutorial videos for Diffeq and Linear Algebra

Mathematics Links

"Dave's short trig course"
JOMA - Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications
Mathematics Archives at University of Tennessee
Math links from Math Forum at Drexel University
Mathworld - EXCELLENT
Great help site for Algebra and beyond
History of Mathematics - EXCELLENT